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Update extravaganza: Taco TV, Taco Bonuses, Webhooks, and more!

We’ve released several updates over the last couple weeks and want to share them with you. Please contact us with any feedback or questions you may have. We would love to hear from you!

Taco TV


With Taco TV you can display recent tacos given and stats on screens around your office. View your Taco TV page by clicking the button on your Activity page, or by going here:

Taco Bonuses

Ever since we started HeyTaco! people have wanted a way to give lots of tacos to people for redeeming rewards. The caveat was these tacos couldn’t affect leaderboards, Level Unlocks, or Gifts. We also noticed people wanted these tacos to come from a non-human entity, like your company.

Now, HeyTaco! Admins can delight taste buds by giving stacks, piles, buckets, mounds, even truckloads of tacos all at once with a Taco Bonus.

Taco Bonuses get added to a person’s redeemable taco balance to be used for rewards created by your team. These tasty tacos don’t change your leaderboard position or Taco Level and can be given at any time.

Taco Bonus
HeyTaco! admins can start giving bonuses now!

Webhooks API

Anyone on your team can now build apps that get taco event data whenever someone on your team gives a taco or levels up.

One team is already using our new API to build a milestone reward. When their team reaches a giving milestone (i.e. 14,000 tacos), they’ll message everyone that they’ve hit their goal, and they won a prize. That’s one possibility though, another is building your own custom Taco Dashboard for the office. Your imagination is the only limit!

Learn more about our Webhooks API by visiting the docs.

Itty bitty taco fixes

  • Display names replace usernames
    • We’re now using your Slack display name instead of your Slack username
  • Sortable columns on the People page
    • Managing who’s on your account got easier with sortable tables
  • Clicking someone’s name on the site will go to their profile
    • All name links now go to taco profiles instead of Slack
  • Added redeemable balance to your Profile page
    • Now you can see your redeemable balance on your profile.
  • Can no longer redeem tacos for deleted rewards
    • Fixed an issue where you could still visit old rewards and contribute to them

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