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HeyTaco! goes south for a prize wheel and cool comfort

During the summers in Buford Georgia USA you can literally fry an egg on the sidewalk. So for this Taco Story we had a chat with what many call their summer savior, Comfort Control Inc.

comfort control team in front of vans
The folks keeping Buford nice and comfortable 365 days a year

Comfort Control is a family owned and operated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company who’s been using HeyTaco! since October of 2016. Their business continues to grow, and you can see why if you take a look at their customer reviews.

So it’s no surprise they’re using Slack and HeyTaco! in an industry you wouldn’t expect to further improve their business. Here’s our chat with Richard Kohberger of Comfort Control.

Hello Richard, tell us a little about Comfort Control and why you started using HeyTaco!

We’re a family owned and operated HVAC company with 17 team members and growing. Some of the team works in the office and our technicians spend most of their time at customer locations. Sometimes they’re working with other technicians but most of the work is done alone. That means they may only get to see others on the team during our Monday meeting.

This can make it feel like you’re working on an island, and we wanted an easier way for the team to connect and communicate. We thought Slack and a recognition tool could help out, so we gave a few a try.

That’s great and it sounds like a situation a lot of remote workers and distributed teams face. How did you get your team up and running with Slack and HeyTaco!?

We started with Slack at the office and tried one other recognition product. It was pretty complicated to use, and I had a hard time getting people to take the time to figure it out. So we switched to HeyTaco! because it was simpler and looked fun.

The team picked it up quicker, and 76% of the team has now given a taco. We hope to have almost everyone participating soon, and our new Prize Wheel should take us to the next level.

Prize Wheel?! I’ve got to know more about the Prize Wheel.

taco prize wheel you spin
A fateful spin on the prize wheel, what will it land on…

We brought in the Price Wheel because we thought it’d add more excitement to HeyTaco!. Now people can redeem their tacos for spins on the wheel at our Monday team meetings. We have all sorts of prizes ranging from small gifts cards to a brand new TV. It’s a lot of fun to wait and see what someone lands on.

Oh wow, love the prize wheel, that sounds awesome. If you don’t already have it, it’d be great to put a few team parties on it. They’re a more collaborative reward and great at getting a team together.

Thanks for the idea, we’ll definitely add some of those. Should be a lot of fun.

Does your team have any special rules for what you can give a taco for, and how long did it take to get the team up and running?

The only rule we have is you need to have a message with your taco. I wanted to keep it simple so it was easy to give, and we don’t have any plans of adding more rules.

We started with management giving tacos for when someone got a good customer review. We still do that, but now HeyTaco! is in more channels, and there’s more peer to peer giving. Now you see people giving tacos for things like cleaning someone’s ceiling fan when they didn’t need to. The goal is to have even more communication and tacos flying around. I’m hoping to get the whole team involved this year.

Before we get to our last question, could you share why you think Comfort Control has so many happy customers? Can’t believe how many positive reviews your team has!

People tend to be weary of service industries such as HVAC because there can be a lot of corner cutting, deceit, and unprofessionalism.

We try to be the polar opposite of that stereotype. We always try to leave the customer not only satisfied but wowed. We have an entire Slack channel dedicated to “wow factors” where team members can post about extra things they did for a customer. Such as taking out their trash and fixing a window screen. We try to think of what a professional would do and then take it one step further. For example, keeping customers homes clean with shoe covers is a professional move a lot of companies have caught on to. We take it a step further by placing our tool bags down on mats to ensure we don’t scratch or dirty the customer’s floor.

Thanks for sharing so much with the Taco Community, time for the final question! If any of us HeyTaco! folk are in Buford, where should we go to get tacos and celebrate?

Ok, this might sound sketchy, but there’s a place in a Chevron gas station near our office. It’s called called Taquito Potosino, and if you want the legit stuff, then that’s your place.

tacos from Taquito Potosino
Two chicken tacos from Taquito Potosino

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