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Sending tacos to Trump & Clinton never felt this good

Election time can be stressful for all us and especially for the people trying to get elected. Before Clinton and Trump head to their final debate we decided to send them some delicious feel-good tacos.

Pay attention to the tacos we gave to Hillary and Donald though. They’re two different flavors, and one can make you feel great.



Can you tell the difference between the recognition and appreciation tacos?

In our first tweets to Trump and Clinton we praise them for something they did. The next tweets aren’t for anything specific they did. In contrast, we show appreciation for who they are as a person. It feels great to get thanked for our work, but what really matters is knowing someone cares about us. We believe that’s why you hear stats like this from Dr. John Izzo:

“If a person at works says they’ve been appreciated once in the last week in a way that’s meaningful to them; they are five times more likely to be an engaged and committed employee…”

If you take the time to listen to Dr. Izzo’s speech, he goes on to say this isn’t something just for leaders to do. Showing appreciation is something we all should do.

Listen to the expert

Mike Robbins, author of “Focus on the Good Stuff”, is a leading expert on appreciation. This quote from his TED Talk is a great example of how appreciation and recognition are different.

“Recognition is positive feedback based on results and performance. However, it is finite, scarce and limited. Appreciation, on the other hand, is more about people and focuses on who you are, not what you do.”

Mike has much more to say about appreciation, and his talk is definitely worth your time. One major takeaway is if you focus on recognizing others for what they do, you’re doing better than most. But! If you take the time to proactively tell others what you appreciate about them, then you’re next level.

As both Mike and Dr. Izzo point out, the best part about showing appreciation is it feels good to do too.

Do this and we promise you’ll feel great

So on this Taco Tuesday, let someone know what you appreciate about them. Tell them, message them on Slack, Tweet at them, whatever you want. However you decide to do it, we promise you’ll feel better afterwards. I’ll go first to start:

Wow, that did feel pretty great.

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