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Most wanted taco additions for 2018

Thank you to all the HeyTaco’ers out there that answered our survey and had conversations with us. Those conversations and comments like this continue to mold HeyTaco! into a more delectable taco experience:

“I would love something for someone who is having a bad day… not an achievement but a cheer up? Nachos? Like, it is nacho fault. Or it is nacho day to be sad.”

Using methodologies like the 5 Whys and Activity Centered Design, we take all these conversations and boil them down to what we think people want. Then we do a survey to see if they resonate with the taco community and if we missed any.

Here’s the survey results, and what they mean for HeyTaco! going forward.

The most requested HeyTaco! additions

top requested heytaco additions

The top 2 requests captured 30% of total votes and 72% of respondents selected at least one of them. This coupled with how fun these will be to work on makes it an easy decision to include them as a near term project.

We’re not sure how we’ll approach making Gifts (i.e. Pet Rocks, SuperTacos, etc.) worth tacos. Gifts were intended to help people show appreciation in a bigger way than possible with the 5 tacos per day limit. They weren’t great at doing that, but we learned a lot from them. Instead of making Gifts worth tacos, we’ll keep the project more open-ended.

The project goal will be to give people new taco abilities that don’t impact the 5 tacos per day limit. This could mean Gifts are worth tacos, special taco power-ups, new ability unlocks, the possibilities are endless!!!!

The exciting part is the solution should also solve the problem of giving tacos to large groups of people. All without changing the 5 tacos per day limit we think is critical to keeping tacos feeling super special 😊.

If you ever feel taco inspiration kicking in, send us email at [email protected] with your taco ideas. We’d love to hear them!

NPS — What our vanity metric revealed

HeyTaco! confused by NPS score
This year we decided to ask the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question. At the end of each year this question triggers epic rants from product design legend Jared Spool. So why do we ask the NPS if it is notoriously poor at providing actionable information?

We use the NPS to help identify the most passionate taco aficionados. People whose love of tacos knows no bounds and want to share their taco wisdom with us. It also helps us identify what they are thinking about and want from us.

Is this NPS question the best at identifying taco aficionados? Probably not, but so far it’s doing the job for us.

Then there’s our NPS score of 55, what the heck does that mean? In our opinion, not too much.

For product satisfaction, we rely on product usage rates, what we hear, and customer retention. Since HeyTaco! is a monthly subscription, we have a tight feedback loop that tells us if we’re creating value or not.

What to expect from us

At HeyTaco! we don’t do traditional long-term planning, so you won’t see a detailed roadmap of what’s coming. We pick a project or two, finish, and then pick another. If you’re interested, you can read more about our product strategy here.

Right now, the next two projects we’ve picked are:

  1. Make it more convenient, inspiring, and satisfying to start using HeyTaco! for the first time
    • This project wasn’t part of what everyone voted on, but we recently discovered some epic taco fails that need fixing.
  2. Create new taco abilities without impacting the 5 tacos-per-day limit
    • Needs to help people show appreciation to larger groups of people and enable bigger appreciation moments.

That’s it for now folks, thank you so much for all your help :taco: :taco: :taco: :taco: :taco:. We couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to work with so many people passionate about tacos 😊.

PS: Keep an eye out for these 2 articles we’ll soon be publishing: Becoming a Profitable Taco Shop and 2017’s Top Taco Stats and Memories.

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