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Introducing HeyTaco Group Pay

HeyTaco! Group Pay

Group Pay is an alternative payment option for teams within large organizations. It makes purchasing HeyTaco faster, easier, and more affordable.

Now, rather than having to pay for everyone using HeyTaco at your company, you can pay for only the people on your team or people you’ve selected.

This makes it so the cost fits into your team’s budget, and you don’t have to spend time getting approval for your whole company.

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Q: Can I pay for just myself?
A: Yes

Q: Can there be more than one group subscription within my company?
A: Yes

Q: Can I give tacos to people in other groups within my company?
A: Yes. And all groups will be combined on the leaderboards.

Q: Can I add and remove people from my group subscription?
A: Yes. We make that easy.

Q: Can I cancel my group subscription at any time?
A: Yes.

Q: Will my rewards only be visible to people who are in my group?
A: Yes, your group will have its own rewards page only they can see.

Q: Can I give someone a taco while eating a real-life taco?
A: Yes.

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