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How to break down siloed peer recognition


In many companies, you’ll find some form of organizational silos. It may be divisions that operate independently, international offices, or any team whose work doesn’t regularly intersect with other parts of the business. So naturally, when you launch a peer recognition program in these conditions, you end up with siloed recognition where people only recognize people within their team.

Siloed recognition can be impactful, but data suggests that teams who demonstrate cross-team recognition find a greater amount of success with HeyTaco. One way to break down peer recognition silos is by creating a single place where people can recognize each other.

Add a destination #taco channel

You can add HeyTaco to an existing company-wide channel or create a new channel dedicated to giving recognition. Some popular destination channel names are #tacos, #kudos, and #praise. Or have fun coming up with your unique channel name.

Bonus tip: If your team uses Taco Tags with the Slack HeyTaco integration to include company values with tacos, an excellent hack for reminding people is to use the topic property. Click on the down arrow next to the channel name and edit the topic within the about section.

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