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We’re Hiring a Head of Customer Success!

Join us in creating positive change in people’s lives every day


Job Summary

At HeyTaco! you’ll get to interact with 1000s of people who need help creating more vibrant and positive communities. These communities range from Fortune 500 companies to independent bookstores and volunteer-run organizations.

We think it’s one of the most positive places to work in the world. Each day you’ll be surrounded by taco emojis, appreciative messages, and the opportunity to create positive change in people’s lives. You’ll be joining a 100% remote team and be the first hire of a profitable and fast-growing business.

We’re searching for someone to help us create a world-class customer experience. You’ll be laying the foundation for building relationships with current, prospective, and past customers. This includes support questions, knowledge resources, inbound marketing, and anything else you’re inspired to do. If you’ve ever dreamed of building a world-class customer-driven organization from the ground up, then this could be your dream job.

If you only want to answer support questions and need daily guidance, then this job isn’t for you. You’ll need to be able to work independently in this position and self-direct your day to day work and projects.

A typical day in your taco life

First things first, you will not have enough support questions to fill your day. Usually, there are 5 or fewer questions waiting for you in the morning to answer. On a busy day you may get 20 questions from customers, so what will you do with the rest of your time?

That time is about being proactive. Some of the proactive things we currently do are: sending out handwritten thank you cards, checking in with customers, experience testing, welcoming new teams personally, writing best-practice articles, running experiments in Intercom, and more!

These are just examples of what we’re doing now. We want to hire you because you’ll be helping us take our customer experience to the next level. What should we start doing, stop doing, and do differently? That’s why we want to hire you!

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  • Helping us develop solutions to ensure we’re a customer driven company.
  • Creating and nurturing relationships with prospective, current, and past customers.
  • Making it easy and enjoyable for people to get help.
  • Ensuring the Taco Team is an active participant in customer relationships.
  • Identifying and prioritizing problems people are experiencing.

Example Tasks

  • Welcoming new people to HeyTaco! with your own personal messages.
  • Setting up experiments in Intercom to help customers at the right time.
  • Building out our knowledge resources and customer support with Intercom.
  • Writing articles about customer success stories, how-to’s, and more!
  • Helping us build out our internal Taco Relationship Manager.
  • Learning more about customer problems through research.
  • Answering support questions in a timely fashion.


  • A vision for what it takes to be a world-class customer driven company.
  • A passion for communicating with people: written and spoken.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English with excellent writing and editing skills.
  • Full-time or part-time and must be online from 09:00-13:00 EDT on weekdays.
  • Prior history of a self-driven work ethic.
  • Ability to quickly empathize and understand others.
  • Owns a reliable computer and has stable internet.
  • Experience working remotely or a desire to do so.
  • Patience, a sense of humor, and a knack for relating to people.

Hiring process, pay, and benefits

We believe in making it easy to see if you like working here. You don’t have to quit your job or make life-altering decisions. We can work together in a variety of ways before committing to a long-term relationship.

The hiring process goes as follows:

  • Identify promising applicants from job application responses.
  • Contact qualified applicants to set up 1-hour video conference interviews.
  • Contact professional references of promising prospects.
  • Select someone and see if they want the job.
  • Work out an initial work contract to see if we work well together.
  • Work as a contractor until you want to become a full-time employee.

If you have questions about pay and benefits, feel free to bring them up when you interview. Without knowing where you live, your experience and skill-sets, it’s hard to say how much you’ll make. We will make sure you’re paid fairly and feel rewarded.

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