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Create amazing Team Rewards

Team Rewards are a fantastic way to bring your team together around a shared purpose. People on your team will pool their tacos together to redeem rewards your create. They could be anything from a group coffee chat to an all-company retreat, or even your CEO running a marathon for charity.

Let’s create a Team Reward to see how they work!

Creating your first Team Reward

HeyTaco! admins can create Team Rewards by clicking the add rewards button on the reward page.

There’s preloaded ideas you can select from but feel free to create your own custom rewards too. Let’s use the cupcake day idea as an example.

example of the reward create screen

You can now use or change the preloaded text in the description to let people know more about the reward.

This is a great place to add how the reward works and what to expect after it’s redeemed. For cake day, I’ll add a note about how Office Ops will coordinate to get cake day set up.

Figuring out a redemption amount

Now it’s time to set the redemption amount, how many tacos should it cost? ­­

example of redemption amount guidance

The recommendation says to take 30 tacos times the number of people in your office. Let’s say there are 10 people at our office, which means this reward should cost 300 tacos (30 tacos x 10 people).

The 30 tacos comes from our advice on how easy it should be to get a reward. Which we’ve calculated from looking at worldwide HeyTaco! data. Your team may be higher or lower, but these are good starting points:

  • Easy: <30 tacos (takes under 3 months to get)
  • Medium: 30-100 tacos (takes 3-6 months to get)
  • Hard: >100 tacos (takes more than 6 months)

You can use these ranges to help set prices for your own custom rewards. If you had a reward like a team trip to go skiing, you could make it hard to get by pricing it above 1,000 tacos (10 people x 100 tacos). You can also go back and edit the price at any time if it’s looking too hard or easy.

It’s now time to submit the reward. Once I do HeyTaco! will direct message everyone who uses HeyTaco! because I selected the announce reward option box. This a great way to let everyone know you’ve created a Team Reward.

Contributing tacos to a Team Reward

Whoo hooo! Our Cup Cake Day is out in the wild. Now let’s see what happens when people contribute tacos to it.

example of cupcake reward tile

Anyone with a HeyTaco! account will be able to find the reward on the reward page. Once they select it they can click the contribute button to add their own tacos.

cupcake rewards with contributors

After someone contributes to a Team Reward HeyTaco! will update them whenever someone else contributes letting them know how many tacos are remaining.

Once the reward is 100% complete it will show up on your redemptions page and HeyTaco! will notify all the contributors of their accomplishment.

The last step is to get the cupcakes for a fun-filled day of delicious treats! Then you can go back and mark the reward as fulfilled on your redemptions page.

If you have any questions or advice on how we can improve Team Rewards, please contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

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