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NEW! Build a culture of giving with HeyTaco Giver Mode


Since 2016, HeyTaco has helped drive engagement for many teams of all shapes and sizes. Tacos make peer-to-peer recognition approachable, friendly, and fun. With HeyTaco Giver Mode, you can begin cultivating a giving-minded culture by focusing on your givers. When enabled, only the taco giving leaderboard is visible to your team. Rather than rewarding those who have received the most tacos, we celebrate those who have given the most.

Inspired by New York Times best-selling author Adam Grant and research by Nathan P. Podsakoff, who found that companies with a culture of generosity and giving are more likely to have higher productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and reduced costs. In addition, successful givers cause a ripple effect that enhances the success of people around them.

Enabling Giver Mode

Only HeyTaco admins can enable Giver Mode in the settings. If you’re unsure who your HeyTaco admin is, you can find out by sending a message here. Once enabled, both the tacos received, and the tacos combined leaderboards will be disabled.

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Note: Giver Mode is currently only available for HeyTaco for Slack

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