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Bacon vs Taco Tree: a clear winner emerges

Bacon versus Taco Tree

Today the Taco Tree emerged victorious over Bacon. What follows is a tale of the downfall of bacon in the tacoverse.

One of our core values at HeyTaco! is Feel-Good. The software we make, how we treat people, our behaviors, everything we do should feel good to us and the people we interact with.

Since we released Gifts in 2017 we learned that bacon, while loved by many, can be offensive. It doesn’t feel good to give someone bacon who is a vegetarian or whose religious beliefs prohibit pork. That can actually damage relationships, the antithesis to our purpose at HeyTaco!.

So we decided to turn bacon into a taco tree because well, who doesn’t like trees?! Especially a tree that blossoms tacos! Which means you’ll no longer see bacon on your Gifts page and any bacon you received will be a Taco Tree now.

Thank you to everyone for chatting with and sending us feedback on bacon. You were a huge help 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮.

PS: We’ll be doing a bigger gifts project in 2018 you can read about here.

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