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A new look for Heytaco

Since launching Heytaco in February 2016, a lot has changed. However, one thing that has remained untouched has been the brand.

Heytaco has evolved over the years, and it felt like an excellent time for a change. Starting today, you’ll see a new logo for Heytaco.

As with any business, change is inevitable, and changing Heytaco’s logo was a big decision. I had grown somewhat comfortable but was never completely happy with what the logo portrayed.

Original Logo

The original logo was designed before Heytaco was a business, back when it was a passion project that I worked on at night and on weekends.

It was derived from a stock image of a whimsical taco wearing a mustache. The face of the taco was cropped and retooled. It was fun and playful, but it carried cultural undertones that at times sparked questions.

New Logo

The new logo consists of a bright and happy taco. It aligns better with Heytaco’s core values and better communicates the company’s mission of helping build stronger, happier, more vibrant teams.

Another change is the departure from the camel casing and the removal of the exclamation mark in the company name. The new spelling format: Heytaco.

What do you think?

Send a tweet and share your thoughts on the rebrand. DM if you’d like some new shiny Heytaco stickers. Partners can download the new logo here.


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