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IdeaScale and HeyTaco!: A GOLDEN TACO is Born!

Forged in a dark corner of the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s said a man by the name of Hans Dries has created a taco of extraordinary power. It’s known as…queue drum roll….. THE GOLDEN TACO!

A taco that once entrusted, gives the holder extraordinary abilities. It is the symbol of ultimate appreciation and a sign of a tacoconomy with a bright future.

The story of the GOLDEN TACO comes from our friends at IdeaScale. We recently got a chance to have a chat with their CEO & Co-founder Rob Hoehn to learn more about how they’re using HeyTaco!.

Here’s our chat with Rob….

Hi Rob, to start why don’t you share a little about IdeaScale. What do you do, and what’s it like to work at IdeaScale?

We help companies use crowdsourcing and open innovation to find the next big thing. Success for some large companies can be elusive. But through the use of a structured innovation practice, IdeaScale can help increase its predictability.

As for working at IdeaScale, it’s totally awesome—its the best job I’ve ever had. We put in a lot of hours and are located all over the world, so casual communication and recognition is absolutely essential.

Tell us your HeyTaco! story, how did it begin?

The story of our HeyTaco! is quite remarkable. One day I just added it to our Slack and started giving away a few tacos and thanking people.

I never told anyone they had to use it, or even how to use it. From there it just caught on like wildfire.

After it really started to catch on we created the Golden Taco award, which is given to the person with the highest number of tacos for the quarter.

Does your team have any rules for what you can give a taco for?

We don’t have any specific rules on when to give out a taco, the rules have just evolved organically. People get tacos when they close a deal, share a good article, bring in donuts to share, etc…

Do you have a favorite thing about HeyTaco!?

The thing we love most about HeyTaco! is how easy it is to use. Like I said, I didn’t have to tell anyone how to use it or make a big announcement. I just started sending people tacos and it caught on. I also like how timely the recognition is and that it’s in a public place.

What is your favorite taco spot?

My favorite tacos are from La Mission here in Berkeley.

ideascale favorite taco

If you’d like to share your taco story, we’d love to hear it; give us a shout at [email protected].

About the Author

Blake is Co-Founder and Head of Taco Experience at HeyTaco!. I love all things bicycles and product design.

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