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The Real Secret to Feeling Appreciated at Work Blake Bos wrote this on January 11, 2017
Together we can inspire appreciation
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Did you know not feeling appreciated is one of the top reasons people leave their jobs? I know I’ve personally quit a few jobs because I didn’t feel appreciated, and I’ve had my fair share of calls to upset family members and friends about theirs. So why is it that so many of us often feel underappreciated?

Over the last year, we’ve had quite the journey at our company HeyTaco! trying to answer this question. At first we thought people didn’t feel appreciated because they weren’t being recognized for their work. So we labeled HeyTaco! as a tool to help people recognize each other in a fun way. But it turned out recognition was only one factor for helping others feel appreciated.

The key to feeling appreciated—Inspire

During a chat with one of our former colleagues, Gary Hill, he told us appreciation wasn’t only about being recognized for what you accomplish at work but who you are as a person. This set off a few light bulbs and led us to Mike Robbins, an appreciation expert. We read his book, watched his videos, and afterwards we knew Gary was correct. To truly feel appreciated, we need to know people value us as individuals as well as our contributions.

This Mike Robbins guy seemed to really get it. So we decided to take a long shot and ask him to have a call and guess what? He said yes.

If you’re ever fortunate enough to chat with Mike, ask him what he does. He won’t tell you he teaches people rules or exact processes to show appreciation. What he’s good at is inspiring teams to show more appreciation.

These chats with Mike led to our belief HeyTaco! can’t make you or your team feel appreciated, but it can inspire you and your team to show more appreciation. Because at the end of the day appreciation is a two-way street. You have to show it to get it, and we hope HeyTaco! inspires you to show more appreciation.

The 4 types of appreciation

In the spirit of showing appreciation, here’s the 4 types of appreciation we think are key to making us feel appreciated.

    Recognize the work we do and our accomplishments

  • Almost everyone has had the thankless job, no act is too small for a thank you.
  • Recognize who we are and our strengths

  • Be sure to praise people’s talents and behaviors. Tell your co-worker they’re a great communicator or you love their positive attitude. Remember to praise a specific behavior or personality trait.
  • Know and value who we are

  • Have you ever felt like you were having to choose work over family, or if your team even knew you had a family. It’s important to get to know a little about and care for each other. If you know someone has been having to put in a lot of hours, it’s probably time to see if you can lend a helping hand.
  • Celebrate individual and group accomplishments

  • The act of celebrating as a team or individually is a very healthy habit. Just ask a sports psychologist or look at all of the research on gratitude.

At HeyTaco! we believe the world would be a much better place if everyone showed more appreciation. We hope we can inspire you to show more appreciation because the more we show the more all of us will feel appreciated. Plus, we promise if you do, it’ll feel pretty great.

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